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I hired cooks about 5 years ago was the best service I had awesome workers and scheduling.I hired them 3 months ago and the guy that comes out does NOT listen!!!! I told him I had seen some roaches his response was to catch one and bag it??? Seriously is that my job???? So hat was in October in December he missed his appointment and never called to tall me he wasn't coming. So yesterday he calls back and asked if he could come that day I said no...
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We saw a few roaches in our home, then evidence of mice/rats.Contacted Cook's and they sent a guy in a car (clearly not meant to get rid of pests) within a couple of days. THAT is where the positive aspect of my experience starts and ends. The guy told me I would be hearing from a technician soon. Three days went by so I called on a Friday. "The tech will call you Monday, but he's pretty booked up, probably won't be able to get there until...
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Cooks Pest Control Roach Pest Control Review

Approximately 10 years ago i had roaches so bad that they came out during the day and would not run from me - they were jumping off the ceiling and were inside the display on my appliances. I considered moving - until Cooks came out - they were completely gone within a year and I haven't had roaches since. Thank you Cooks Pest Control.