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Cooks Pest Control - They are the pests..... 2 of 3 people found it helpful
BUYER BEWARE!!! Cooks is the worst pest company I've ever dealt with! The Mobile Al office is HORRIBLE!! They LIE to their customers! Can't keep their stories strait about company policy. They will not transfer a termite bond! We just sold our home and found out at closing that we owed $260 more than we were told because they refused to transfer the bond into the buyers name! When we called they said "technically they do not transfer bonds but offer the new home owners a bond! The supervisors "men" treat female customers like they're *** and Beneath them! The good ol' boy system is alive and well at cooks pest control...
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don't fall for these losers..their 'centricon' system is a rip off and if you are behind the slightest bit of payment due to payroll dates falling at an off time, etc. they are blowing up your cell phone, work phone, and EVEN calling relatives... ridiculous!! i KNOW i am not the only customer they have so they must have one HUGE accts receiveable dept.. ALSO on a monthly spray visit i happened to be at home and the truck pulled in the driveway...
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