It has absolutely NOTHING to do with their service or lack thereof - I fully admit that I have never used their services. My chief complaint is with the way their service reps DRIVE.

As Assistant Safety Director of a Knoxville based trucking company I am habitually aware of the driving habits of others and how they affect my own personal safety as well as the rest of the motoring public. Having said that, I've got to say that it's a darn good thing for the driver of vehicle number 1049B (tag number 27533) that I'm not law enforcement; having personally witnessed - on numerous occasions during my commute to work - the aggressive, disrespectful and down right dangerous driving habits of this individual (as well as several others - contrary to your obvious belief, Ed Shouse road is NOT the straightaway at Darlington) I've reached the conclusion that if they perform their job duties the way they drive, then the service would be unsafe at best and outright hazardous at worst.

The tailgating, speeding, passing in no-passing zones and cutting off of other traffic... Well, suffice it to say that if I were overrun by pests and Cook's offered their services for free I would not, in good conscience, be able to invite their drivers into my neighborhood.

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Sounds like ur just upset with ur life as a whole!! U need to be a man and stop crying about little things in life!!

And who r u to ever pass judgment on anyone u don't know?? I bet if we knew u I can bet u speed on the Interstate back roads and or highways. So like the saying goes don't throw stone at glass houses!! By what u wrote sounds like to me and a lot of others that read what u have written that u might have a person agenda out for this person plus no one cares what u might or might not do for a living!!

Also sounds like ur tooting ur own horn. Just grow up and worry about real things in life. I bet ur a Real negative person in life.

Or as they say now a REAL BUZZ KILL!!

Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States #828811

I see this in Terminex drivers too. Aggressive driving not passing on double yellow lines or dangerous


It is troubling to read that one or more of our employees has not been driving safely in traffic. I will forward your information to our local managers in Knoxville and to our Safety Manager here at our corporate office.

If you would like to provide additional information, please send a message via email to CustomersFirst@CooksPest.com


If you're that offended, why haven't you gone to the business to complain in person?

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